adult halloween gamesSince when is Halloween simply for children? Halloween is, obviously, the night for trick-or-treating, but all the moms and dads can’t realistically just head out in the neighborhood asking for sweets! However, the night can still be a fun time for some adult entertainment.

You will probably wish to have some adult Halloween games available if you are preparing a Halloween celebration for the grown-ups and want it to be the best time you can make it.

Here are some ideas for adult Halloween games:

Scavenger hunt – come up with some ideas of things that are relevant to Halloween, hand out the list of necessary items needed to each group, and have them go out to gather everything. Some ideas to have on the list could be:

A Hangman’s noose
A black veil
An obituary

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Simply think of things that pertain to Halloween, scary things, ghosts, etc.

Instead of having to physically bring the items back to the party, all the players in the game need to do is take a picture with their cell phone of everything they find, which is certainly a better idea than trying to actually bring a tombstone back to the party!

You can get really creative with your list by doing it this way and require things that there is no way anyone could bring back. More ideas of items could be children in specific costumes like witches, clowns, pirates, vampires, etc.

Fortune Telling –

This can be a lot of fun and will give everyone an idea of just how well they know each other. Each person gets a pencil and a piece of paper and gets to choose to write something about either themselves or someone else. They make up a fortune that could happen to or be true about the person they’ve picked to write about. Have them fold the papers up to put in a big bowl or basket.

Depending on how many people are playing each person could write just one each or if there are only a few people playing then everyone could write separate papers saying something about each of the others who are playing.

No one knows who wrote what or about who and everyone takes turns picking a paper from the bowl and trying to guess who the fortune is about after reading it out loud.

You might hear some crazy things playing this game, but hopefully the fortunes will be rather tame like – This person will take a trip to an exotic land and meet a foreigner that they will end up marrying. Or – This person will change careers when he’s 50 years old and start driving a ‘vette.

Have fun little prizes ready for when someone guess correctly who the fortune was written for. This is a fun way to get people laughing and getting know one another better.

A different way to play this game is having everyone write their own name on the paper, fold it up and put it in a basket. Then everyone picks a name, comes up with a story about that person, and everyone else has to try and figure out who it’s about. And be sure to have everyone make the stories scary, it is a Halloween party after all!

With a little imagination and some advance planning you really can come up with a variety of fun games for the grownups to play at your Halloween party!