Halloween Party IdeasHalloween is a super popular time for parties, and it seems that just about everybody loves dressing up in an awesome costume and hitting a party to be with friends and maybe even meet some new ones.

A problem for a lot of people though, is being invited to several parties on the same night. So if you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party, what can you do to make your party the one that everyone wants to come to?

Some serious planning is in order here if you want people to ditch the other parties because they only want to be at yours. You’re going to have to have some ideas that are fun and also unique.

Halloween Party Themes

So, you’re planning your party and you think, well Halloween is already a theme, right? More than likely that would just lead to some boring generic Halloween banners and a fake cobweb here and there. So why not think up a more specific theme within the Halloween theme?

You could do a graveyard theme and have guests dress up like a spooky dead character, or go with a horror movie theme. Use your imagination and let your guests use theirs to match up with the theme you use. Go with the same theme when decorating your place, picking the food you serve, and the invitations you send out.

Party Invitations

And speaking of invitations, how often do you see people actually send them anymore? Make your party stand out by sending out great looking invitations that match the theme you’re going with and they will keep your party in every person’s mind so it doesn’t get forgotten about.

If your store doesn’t carry invitations that are just what you’re looking for, search online for free templates that you can download, customize and print out. Don’t forget to send them out in plenty of time!

You can send the invites out by email if time starts getting too close, but make a point of calling everyone to make sure they check their email for it. What is cool about sending the invitations as an e-card is that you can probably find some that will let you add sound and animations.

Halloween Theme Decorations

Do your decoration planning and shopping while keeping the theme you selected in mind so it all makes sense to your guests and stays consistant with the theme.

If a haunted house was your choice, have the lights down low, spooky music playing, a fog machine running to really set the spooky mood, and you could have some friends or family dress up like ghouls or zombies to pop out and scare your other guests as they show up.

For any choice of party theme check first with the local party supply places, or if that’s not convenient just shop online and you’re sure to find an abundance of everything you’ll need to decorate like a pro to set the mood.

Playing spooky music as guests are arriving will put everyone in the mood, but after everyone’s there and the party is getting into full swing you may want to switch over to more popular music and dance tunes to keep the energy level high and get the party in full gear.

Don’t forget to plan Halloween oriented snacks for your guests to munch on to keep their energy level up, and to combat the alcohol being served, if that is the case. There are tons of recipes online that show how to turn everyday appetizers, cakes or cupcakes into ghoulish delights.

With some thoughtful planning your party can be a big hit. Be sure to give yourself enough time in advance to plan out all the little details that will add up to a good time for all. Have a friend help you and the planning will be that much more fun!

Image courtesy of Feelart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net