vampireIs your man a fan of vampires? Loves the movies, and the jewelry these dark beings wear? Then you’re about to see 2 pieces of jewelry that he just may love wearing, and solve the problem of what to give him as a gift at the same time.

Jewelry may not always be for everyone but for the man who does like to wear it, plus has a vampire fascination, there’s no shortage of interesting vampire pieces of jewelry available for him.

But, how do we say this politely? They’re not all made the same and so some of course will be nicer than others. Here are two nice pieces that aren’t really expensive and just might make his day.

The Ring of Dracula Collectors Edition Prop Replica

The original prop ring was worn by Dracula in the movie “The House of Frankenstein” in the early 40’s and just the ring alone has collected more than it’s fair share of fans since.

This officially licensed replica is a good looking ring with the Count’s crest on it. It was created from the original prop ring that a gentleman named Forrest J. Ackerman (a huge fan, publisher, and writer) held in his collection for many years.

The ring features an antiqued metal finish with a reproduction stone inset into the ring. Any guy who’s into vampires will appreciate this ring and look cool wearing it.

Sterling Silver Vlad Dracula’s Order of the Dragon Pendant

One more special piece of jewelry that your guy might like to have is the Vlad Dracula’s Order of the Dragon pendent. Every one of these sterling silver pieces have been carefully handcrafted.

The Order of the Dragon symbol goes back in history as the sign which Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula, utilized to represent his placement in the Order. Lots of people think that he sported this symbol when he was alive in the form of a medallion.

This pendant is 34.3mm wide, 1.3mm thick, and 40.3mm in length. It weighs about 11.8 grams and also includes a long rope chain that is 24″ in length.

Here is some interesting background about the Order of the Dragon. The Order was founded in 1408 by the King of Hungary at the time, Sigismund. It’s purpose was to to defend the cross and to fight off the foes of Christianity.

Dracula was inducted into the Order of the Dragon when he was a small boy, at 5 years old. He was named Dracula by the Order which actually means “Son of the Dragon”, because when his father had been inducted, he was given the surname, Dracul, meaning dragon.

The history of the Order of the Dragon symbol that this pendant represents is abundant, and someone with an interest in vampires, especially Dracula, will find this piece quite interesting.